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Our Financial & Insurance Professionals

Our mission is to work closely with our clients to design financial strategies that provide confidence and clarity while also helping to protect their future. Using customized plans that are created through a true partnership, we empower our clients to weather the inevitable challenges that our complex financial world presents.

Tim Leach


Tim founded Midwest Tax & Financial in 2004 after having worked for 30+ years in the business and personal financial markets. He strongly felt that to do a client justice, he must view all aspects of their financial situation and knew the only way to do that was to combine tax preparation services along with financial advisement. He, his wife, Jan and oldest son, Colby began the business in 2004. In 2007 middle son, Chase joined the company. Tim and Jan also have a younger son, Braden. Tim has a passion for anything K-State, his alma mater. He also enjoys fishing with his grandchildren.

Jan Leach

Director of Operations

Jan oversees the operations of MWTF and works closely with clients to facilitate the best customer service possible. She and Tim have been married since 1976 and enjoy having a family business with two of their sons. Jan’s favorite pastime now is time with her four incredible grandchildren.

Tammy Harmon

Enrolled Agent

Tammy is a federally authorized tax practitioner who has technical tax expertise and can represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service. She is also a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals. She and her husband reside in Topeka, with their two children. In her spare time, she is an apiarist – bee keeper!

Cheri Quade

Director of Client Relations – Lenexa

Prior to joining MWTF, Cheri spent 30+ years in the commercial insurance industry. She is very customer focused and enjoys providing personal attention to our clients. Cheri volunteers in a variety of activities in the greater KC area. A special cause dear to her heart is disaster response clean-up. She became involved in this after the Greensburg tornado and spent considerable time in Joplin. Cheri has an adult son in the area. When she has free time, she loves to travel.

Colby Leach

Vice-President of Advanced Markets

Colby handles the life insurance and home mortgage division of MWTF. He also prepares a significant number of tax returns each year. His goal is to provide the most tax-beneficial financial options to our clients. Colby, and his wife Charlotte, live in Topeka, with their two beautiful daughters, Molly and Madelyn. He’s an avid Kansas State fan and enjoys attending their games in his free time.

Chase Leach

Wealth Manager

Chase strives to ensure that our client’s finances are diversified by using multiple strategies to optimize the best possible financial outcome for them. He keeps in mind each client’s long-term financial goals and principals which will maximize or accumulate capital. Chase and his wife, Charlee, are life-long Topekans. They have two sons, Max and Miles, who keep their household busy.

Strategic Alliances

Nick Stovall, CPA /PFSSM, CGMA, MBA

Owner, president and chief tax strategist of Stovall and Associates, Ltd.

Nick Stovall is at the forefront in accounting; strategic financial planning; business, IRA and technical taxation; tax law and policy; and investing. With extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and a solid understanding of the complex demands of diverse business settings, his experience provides invaluable perspective into the intricate relationship between tax and business issues.
During his tenure in the private industry sector, Stovall served as the chief financial officer for Glenn Corporation, E Energy Adams and Gradient Financial Group, LLC. He has also consulted in the public sector serving individuals and businesses in the areas of financial and tax planning. Stovall was an instructor with National American